Thursday, August 16, 2012

summer shorts

I tend to be a step behind when it comes to style at times but lately I realized that shorts are in. I have never really been a shorts person but now that I ride my bike most days I have learned to love the wonderful world of shorts (I have not yet perfected biking in skirts). I noticed that lately stores like Urban Outfitters and Free People have been overrun with cut off shorts and that was a treat to me. Cut off shorts are the best thing that can happen to a style budget! Not only are thrift stores full of jeans but when you buy thrifted jeans you are saving almost 2,000 lbs of water per pair of jeans. Thats crazy I know but the new move in eco friendly clothing is trying to cut down the amount of water used in making jeans. So this is my venture into staying in style in cheap, tree hugging way!

I found each pair of pants in the first store I looked so im VERY confident you will find some too! Now how to make the shorts...

1. Find a pair of shorts you like to compare length with. When making cut offs I always cut a little longer because they will fray when they wash and you can always cut shorter if needed. 

2. Lay your favorite shorts on top and cut the pants to the same length (or a little longer)

3. After you cut the pants you can choose to distress. I used scissors and sand paper to distress the pockets and a little on the legs.

4. After you have distressed all you have to do is wash and dry them! Right now you probably think the fray doesn't quite look right but once they are washed worn look will be perfected. 

I was amazed at how close they were to looking like the ones in the stores! Happy thrifting!

Sources: denim shorts, green shorts, printed shorts


  1. Can you post pictures of Jim in those shorts?

  2. wouldn't that be a treat! im not so sure we could make that happen seeing as Jim has nicer legs than any girl and neither of us are proud of that...

  3. hahaha, well, i've never examined either yours or jim's legs, but he definitely, without out contest, has you beat in the beard department.