Tuesday, August 28, 2012

potting your herbs

Last week I talked about doubling your herb garden but now the question is where to put it all! My sprigs of basil have grown roots of their own and need a home. Most of us limit our potting options to the ground or to the traditional ceramic pot at any garden store but it's time to break the mold. I wanted to start a herb garden on my porch so I'm not going in the ground and I am too cheap to buy more pots so I started looking around the house. I found the perfect solution, cans. I always save pretty cans in hopes that I'll make a candle one day or need them somehow but today I found a great use. I have old coffee cans from the days of being a barista and some tomato cans that will be the perfect home for my new basil plants.

Looking to plant something larger? You still don't need to head to Lowes. Try old watering cans, empty dresser drawers or even an old trash can.

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