Friday, August 10, 2012

i love lamp

One of the things I like least about our home is lack of light. Some rooms are beautiful and full of natural light and some are just dark no matter what time of day. I've found living in an older home there are not many rooms with ceiling fixtures and very few outlets throughout the house. The ceiling fixtures were no big deal to me until I realized how quickly I reach for a light switch when I walk into a dark room. But thats a whole different story... These few things have led me to have to be very creative throughout our house. Conquering this lighting issue is my newest home venture so this week I have been on a quest to find some easy, inexpensive lighting solutions. I was shocked at how creative people have gotten with something as simple as a lamp. I expected painted lamp bases but found great options for shades or even hanging lamps. I have lots to consider now that I'm inspired. Here are some of my favorite tutorials from around the web.

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