Friday, August 31, 2012

happy weekend!

I could not be more excited for this weekend. Up til this week we have had rain 33 days in a row so I have been waiting for a sunny weekend like this one. I am hoping to take out the kayaks and do some more fun work in the garden to get ready for fall. I also know, because I am such an amazing wife, I will end up sitting in front of a football game at some point this weekend too. Good thing I am starting a new book to help the time pass. Here are some links for your weekend reading.

I cannot wait for the sprouted kitchen cookbook

Speaking of books, have you seen the bill murray coloring book

A great idea for when your pencil gets too short

Super cool wind map.

A great way to rent bikes while on vacation.

In LOVE with this VW van.

Martha Stewart's daughters home (beautiful of course).

print: Yellow Heart Art


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. please keep going, you're going to have a million followers eventually. i love all the random fun things i find from your blog. and i'm pretty much obsessed with the wind map. it is so beautiful!!

    1. you are too kind! i loved the wind map too... it was really crazy when the hurricane was hitting. i love and miss you!!