Friday, August 3, 2012


After much deliberation and prayer we finally called our landlord to see how she felt about us getting chickens. Our prayers were heard because she not only said yes but she was very excited about the prospect of fresh eggs! So it is time for us to take the plunge into raising chickens. We have been wanting to get a few hens for a while now so we can't believe it is actually happening! We are so excited and are beginning to plan out our coop, what kind of chickens we want and all the other fun that goes along with raising chickens. Here are a few of our ideas so far.

the breeds we are considering

coops we love

We will be sure to keep you updated with our progress! If you have any chicken knowledge to pass along let us know. We are currently reading Keeping Chickens and City Chicks but it seems the most helpful information has come from friends who have chickens.

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