Wednesday, August 15, 2012

buying bulk

Over the past few years I have become a huge advocate for the bulk section. It overwhelmed me until I became familiar with the ingredients. Once I found what items I loved there I quickly noticed the savings. Bulk bins are almost always going to save you money and they also save the planet from all that extra packaging.

Not only will buying bulk make your purse and the earth happy, having bulk items at home will ensure you always have a wholesome meal option. If your pantry is full of grains, beans and nuts then your meals have endless opportunities. Until I started stocking bulk items it seemed I needed to go to the grocery store for even the simplest meals. Now with all these substantial ingredients on hand I can add produce to make any meal.

Another benefit of buying bulk (and we are talking black beans, walnuts, rice not chocolate covered cherries) is cleaner food. The "clean food" movement is all about simplifying ingredients. So I will cook brown rice rather than a box of processed vegetable pilaf. Bulk bins help us eat food closer to the source with minimal processing.

Buying items in bulk has been one of the greatest contributions to us being able to maintain a healthy diet on a small budget. If bulk bins intimidate you then find ingredients you are more familiar with. A great place to start is with dried beans. They are easy to cook, great for you and delicious. Still nervous about how to cook those bulk items? Naturally Ella has a great recipe guide for all things bulk.

There are tons of ways to store your bulk items. We love these jars but we have found ours for a good price at TJ Maxx. You can just as easily use mason jars too.


  1. Where do you purchase bulk? Speciality stores? Or regular grocery stores?- RRRD

  2. good question! the largest selection would be at a whole foods, fresh market or earth fare but our publix and local health food store also has a pretty good bulk section.

  3. love that you moved them to that shelf!! it looks great!