Monday, July 30, 2012

diy jewelry organizer

One of the hardest thing about decorating our bedroom has been trying to make both of us happy. I used to be able to display my jewelry and other girlie things all I wanted but since I started living with a boy I've had to get more creative with my organization. If we had a large room or a lovely walk in closet then this would be a breeze but our room barely fits our bed and we share a 2 ft closet space. Jim, in all his kindness, has designated for me a corner of the room that I am free to display my jewelry, scarves and whatever else I would like. In our last house I made an earring organizer out of an old frame and chicken wire but I needed something creative for my necklaces. This is what came out of my organizing rampage this weekend.


1/2 - 1 inch Wooden Craft Disks
Paint or small pieces of fabric (you can do either or, I used both)
Flat tipped nails (i used 1 1/2 x 16)
Craft Bond 
Gorrilla Glue

1. Start with decorating your discs. I painted two and put fabric on three. For fabric simply spray the discs with Craft Bond and place the fabric on top. Be sure to smooth out any creases. 

2. Once the fabric glue dries you can use a craft knife or scissors and cut around the edges. 

3. When all your paint and fabric is dry you can start glueing the nails to the disks. Take the gorilla glue and put a small dot in the middle of the disk (a little goes a long way with this stuff). Then press the nail into the glue. Let this sit for at least a minute to dry completely. 

4. When the glue dries the tricky part can be getting the nails into the wall. Rather than trying to hammer these beauties, I took an extra nail and went ahead and made the hole and then just pushed my decorated nails gently into the wall. This is what mine looked like. 

Hope this helps any of your organization dilemmas!

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  1. feeling way inspired to go organize my necklaces!