Thursday, July 12, 2012

the bee's knees

This year has been our first attempt at a bee hive and we have loved it! My dad is a beekeeper and has loved the hobby so much we decided to carry on the family tradition and try it out ourselves. With his wealth of knowledge and resources, starting our hive was a bit of a breeze for us. I knew I would love beekeeping because I typically like nerdy things like that but I had not anticipated how much Jim and I would love taking care of the bees together. It has been a wonderful addition to our weekend routines. 

If you are new to the wonderful world of bees, here are a few of the benefits of bees:

PollinationBee's pollinate about a third of the food we eat
Health: When dissolved in a warm glass of water honey can soothe a sore throat or even heart burn
Allergies: Eating raw, local (within 20 miles) honey has been shown to decrease allergy symptoms
Skin care: You can make lots of skin care items with honey or beeswax. Here are some recipes I'm hoping to try:
sources: seventh generation, whole living

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  1. Wished we lived closer to the coolest couple on the island.